Dr. Irshad H. Jaffri

Dr. Irshad H. Jaffri

Dr. Jaffri graduated from Punjab University (Pakistan) in 1966. He worked with govt. of Punjab, Pakistan and came to USA in 1974. In Pakistan, he was raised on a small farm with cows, water buffaloes, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs and cats. Dr. Jaffri worked for the Humane Society of NY City with USDA as a Public Health Veterinarian. Settled in Lebanon since 1987, Dr. Jaffri established East Lebanon Animal Clinic in 1988 and has experience in small animal preventive health care, medical / surgical. Currently residing at the clinic are two well behaved cats that share our love everyday.

Sarah E. Ward

Sarah has been working at the clinic since 1988. She is people oriented, loves animals and a is good receptionist.

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